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launch bible review

The Launch Bible Review 

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[ The Launch Bible Review ]

 So How Can The Launch Bible Training Program Help Me Maximize My Profits From Product Launching?

If you prefer not reading, but like to listen to what people have to say, the video will be preferable to you. The combination of the two on one sales letter makes it possible for you to target either type of person. Here is an in-depth look at how sales letters that have both text and video can convert so well.

Understanding Why Video Converts [ The Launch Bible Review ]

When a person first arrives on your website, the first thing they are going to see with a regular sales page is the headline. There may be a graphic at the top which can refer to the product that you are selling, and the combination of the headline and the imagery paints a picture of what they can expect. When you place a video at the top, where they cannot see the main headline, a similar effect happens. The video will provide the visuals that people need when they come to a sales letter, and the content of the sales letter will be read to them, making them stay just a little longer to see what else is going to be said. This need to know which is part of all human beings will cause people to remain on your sales page longer than they would if they simply had to read what you had written. Video converts better, especially with those that prefer video over text, which is why you should always include both.

Sales Letter Video Combinations [ The Launch Bible Review ]

More people today than ever before are combining video with sales letters. They are understanding that they can target both types of people, and in doing so, increase their conversions. Some people do not listen to videos, or watch them, because they think they take too long. Other people prefer videos because they don’t like to read. You literally create the highest possible win-win scenario when you combine the two, allowing you to target each type of person based upon the way they like to learn. If you have a product that you are selling right now, you should consider making a video that you can place at the top of your sales page in order to increase your conversions.

Why Combining Video And Text On A Sales Page Is The Best Option ? [ The Launch Bible Review ]

There is an ongoing debate as to whether or not a sales letter should have a video letter or should be traditional sales copy that is written out. Some people have claimed that because people have an affinity for watching videos that video sales letters will convert the highest. Other people launching different products may come out with the same exact idea, but will instead have sales copy only. In reality, it is the combination of a sales letter that has video and text that is going to provide you with the best conversions of all.

The Power Of Video [ The Launch Bible Review ]

The reason that video was so powerful in regard to converting people when making sales letters is for the same reason that children love to have stories read to them opposed to reading them on their own. Of course, reading a sales letter can be powerful depending upon who wrote the letter and the type of emotional triggers they are able to target. However, hearing someone read to you the sales copy with their emotion, tone and inflections can make the difference between someone clicking away or buying your product.

Combining Video And Text For Sales Letters [ The Launch Bible Review ]

Studies have shown that people learn in completely different ways. Some people are more comfortable with hearing something, whereas others prefer to read. When you place a sales letter video at the top, and you have the sales copy directly below it, you are catering to both audiences. You should always make it possible for the visitor to turn off the video in case they do want to read the sales letter in its entirety. There is nothing more distracting than hearing someone read aloud while you are trying to read something that is written, which is why this option is so important. By implementing the sales letter video and text strategy, you will effectively create the best possible sales letter for selling products.

[ The Launch Bible Review ]

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